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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Professional Mixing and Editing in a Small Package

Are you a musician who has a nice collection of digital recording gear (computer, Pro Tools/Cubase, Nice Micophones) and you are sick and tired of using that old fashion and wrist breaking mouse to do all of your editing. This device (which ships in January of 2007) is right up your musical alley. Don't be deceived by it's small profile. The Alphatrack provides automated mixing with all of the most important recording controls at your fingertips. It is USB operated and needs no other power supply. Also the touch bar at the bottom of the unit allows you to scroll left and right through your recording software. See their page for some demos and a nice video.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Guitar Rig Delivers Big

Native Instruments Guitar Rig Program delivers in a big way. For those unfamiliar with this program, it is perhaps one of the most popular and respected guitar software processing programs around. I have been personally using this piece of software to recreate hundres of classic tones right on my computer for use with Cubase. This program has an advanced High Defination mode with hypersamples the frequency response providing the most realistic Amp modeling I have ever heard. The list of effects that this program includes is extensive and would not fit in this post. I strongly suggest that you check out a demo of this program which can be found at You have to hear this thing