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Thursday, April 06, 2006

USB Guitar Now Shipping

Brian Moore has taken their excellent iGuitar line of digitally-equipped guitars, and added class-compliant USB, via the new iGuitar.USB model. Plug it into a USB jack, and you have instant access to your sound in recording and effects software, no drivers required. Fully bus-powered, so you don't even need a power brick. Unlike Gibson's so-called "digital guitar," what's great about the iGuitar.USB is that you can connect a single USB cable between your guitar and your computer for audio: no breakout boxes or multiple cabling required.

Oh, and before you start hollering that FireWire is a better option, it isn't, necessarily. USB can have extremely low-latency operation, and works without drivers. That latter point alone is worthwhile -- imagine having to carry a CD with drivers in your guitar case. No, thanks. Of course, while there's lots of feedback on the non-USB Brian Moore guitars, we still have to see how this performs in person; stay tuned.


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