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Monday, April 10, 2006

Real-Time Multi-Layered Performances!

Welcome to a pretty damn cool product. I played around with this sucker for weeks. It has lots of depth and customizable features. Let's begin. The loop station is essentially a really powerful digital delay pedal. I'm talking really powerful. Total recording time on this beast is 16 mintues! Amazing. Why the hell would you want that kind of time, you ask? Simple, think of the loop station as an on-stage multitrack recorder. If you have ever seen Howie Day live, you know what I am talking about. The ability to layer an amlost infinite number of tracks on top of each other is incredibly fun.

For example, I could lay down a jazz rhythm guitar track for 5 minutes, then add vocals to it, and finally solo over the entire thing in real time. One of the best features is the long term memory. If you have managed to record something extremely cool, you can store the entire composition on the Loop Station for future reference. This pedal is great for a solo performer, great for practicing solos, and has cool sampling potentials in the live arena. The only problem I encountered with live playing was keeping proper tempo. My drummer had trouble following the strick robotic rhythm of this device. I suggest you check it out here.


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