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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gibson's Ethernet Guitar

Well, now that we have seen USB guitar imputs, lets look at Gibson's state of the art offering into the "digital guitar" department. Gibson has truly created the first ethernet capable electric guitar. Who better fitting than the company that created the first electric guitar? Why the hell have an ethernet guitar jack? Think about it. When you plug your electric guitar into digital signals, those little stomp boxes are essentially converting your analog signal into digital while adding effects. This hurts the original quality of the sound and introduces a host of noises into your signal. What Gibson's guitar allows you to do is keep your signal digital throughout the entire process. This makes for better recordings as well, as you have a much cleaner sound.

Whats even more exciting are the implication of ethernet in a live setting. While no stomp boxes exist yet for this technology, imaging plugging into your notebook computer or rack mounted computer off stage. Software is currently being crafted which would provide you with hundreds of high quality digital effects, all controlled via a midi floorboard. So, my prediction is that this tech will be standard in most electric guitars. Computers will become an unbelievable additions to all of our rigs. More info here.


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