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Monday, April 24, 2006

Digg Experiment- Can We Trick the Digg Team?

Sorry that your tech story is not here. However, you have the chance of helping out in an important digg experiment.

I want to see how thorough the digg team is at weeding out stories that are truly not tech related. My thought is that they simply look to the title of a story and determine if it is appropriate that way.

Well, I created a story with an appropriate tech title, but the substance is not tech related.

Let's see if this can get past the team and crawl up the ranks.

If you do not want to participate in this experiment I would appreciate if you did not notify digg that this posting was inaccurate.

-Thanks for the help.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Digg and Plant a Seed- My Argument for Expanding

Here is my argument for why needs to evlove into something greater than tech.

First of all, if you look at where the site is headed, it is definately not into technology. The most popular stories are lately very loosely related to technology. For example, "More Evidence that Sex is Good for You", "Ads Turn NY Manhole Covers into Coffee!", "The Ultimate Tax Shelter: Own your Own Business". How are any of these top rated stories tech related?

Basically, Digg is tranforming itself into the following: 1) A place to find very strange images, 2) A place to find odd web pages, 3) a site focused on POLITICS. As far as politics are concerned, I enjoy a good political debate. Yet every day politics is one of the most commonly submitted stories and often time makes the front page. Again, how is this tech related? was created with one mission: allow the users to have full control over editing and deciding what stories are submitted. By simply looking at what the vast majority of people are submitting, (Not tech related) it is obvious that people want to use digg for a greater purpose than just tech, global communication of ALL THINGS COOL. Every once and a while non-tech stories reach the front page and hint at something greater than just tech.

If the whole purpose of is to give users total control, then let them have control. Instead, the control seems illusory. Users can submit anything they want, as long as it is tech related. This categorical exclusion denies stories which are as important as technology. Digg is still exerting powerful editorial control over all users.

While you may not agree with my desire to see Digg expand into other categies, you must admit, the site has a unique and powerful ability and finding ALL THINGS COOL and communicating them with others. We all see glimmers of Non-Tech reach the main page everyday. They are some of the best stories around. Digg is much more than tech and there is no logical reason to resist what its users are trying to communicate.

Let Digg evolve into whatever topics are socially relevant. Except of course, stories about animals.

-Ron Belluso, Digg Lover

Friday, April 21, 2006

Tune Guitar Using Your Pick?

Yes Folks. This tiny device will actually tune your guitar strings. How the fuck does it do that, you ask? Essentially the tiny pick has two multi-colored LED's. Pluck a string, shine the pick onto the string and tune until the colored lights appear stationary. At this point, you are in perfect standard tuning.

The beauty of this is that you can tune in loud places and it looks cool. Also, I give this company props for coming up with an innovative way to tune your guitar. I still prefer using a free tuner called my ears. If you want more info on this pick tuner and to check out a video of it, head over here.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Free Microsoft Thumb Drive? Thanks for Nothing

This post is for anyone who filled aout a form from Microsoft where you would recieve a free USB thumb drive. Apparently, the post on digg regarding this offer occured some 47 days ago. That is roughly 7 weeks. However, I filled out my form for the drive back in January. For me, it has been probably 75 days and still no drive!

Once again, Microsoft has left us high and dry. If anyone has recieved their drive, please reply to this. Watch it come in my mail box tomorrow...

Monday, April 10, 2006

Real-Time Multi-Layered Performances!

Welcome to a pretty damn cool product. I played around with this sucker for weeks. It has lots of depth and customizable features. Let's begin. The loop station is essentially a really powerful digital delay pedal. I'm talking really powerful. Total recording time on this beast is 16 mintues! Amazing. Why the hell would you want that kind of time, you ask? Simple, think of the loop station as an on-stage multitrack recorder. If you have ever seen Howie Day live, you know what I am talking about. The ability to layer an amlost infinite number of tracks on top of each other is incredibly fun.

For example, I could lay down a jazz rhythm guitar track for 5 minutes, then add vocals to it, and finally solo over the entire thing in real time. One of the best features is the long term memory. If you have managed to record something extremely cool, you can store the entire composition on the Loop Station for future reference. This pedal is great for a solo performer, great for practicing solos, and has cool sampling potentials in the live arena. The only problem I encountered with live playing was keeping proper tempo. My drummer had trouble following the strick robotic rhythm of this device. I suggest you check it out here.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Design the Rig of Your Guitar Hero-

Everyone has a guitar hero, if not more than one. Have you gone out of your way to emulate their sound but still cannot match their unique tone? Head on over to and find the exact rig specifications of your favorite guitarist. Everyone from Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead to Billy Corgan is there. As the image above illustrates, this site goes out of its way to give you as many details as possible. The best part is that every single pedal, wire, rackmount effect, or amp has plenty of information about it.

It's incredible to check out Jimi Henrix's personal rig and compare it to, say, something from this century. Oh how the times have changed. Head on over there and have yourself some fun.

Gibson's Ethernet Guitar

Well, now that we have seen USB guitar imputs, lets look at Gibson's state of the art offering into the "digital guitar" department. Gibson has truly created the first ethernet capable electric guitar. Who better fitting than the company that created the first electric guitar? Why the hell have an ethernet guitar jack? Think about it. When you plug your electric guitar into digital signals, those little stomp boxes are essentially converting your analog signal into digital while adding effects. This hurts the original quality of the sound and introduces a host of noises into your signal. What Gibson's guitar allows you to do is keep your signal digital throughout the entire process. This makes for better recordings as well, as you have a much cleaner sound.

Whats even more exciting are the implication of ethernet in a live setting. While no stomp boxes exist yet for this technology, imaging plugging into your notebook computer or rack mounted computer off stage. Software is currently being crafted which would provide you with hundreds of high quality digital effects, all controlled via a midi floorboard. So, my prediction is that this tech will be standard in most electric guitars. Computers will become an unbelievable additions to all of our rigs. More info here.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

More Info on Ebow

If you liked the story on the Ebow, get as much information as you need from the manufacturer's direct page. Go to . More sounds, pictures, etc. Maybe we can get them to make this thing in metal or aluminum. Does this thing work on a Bass guitar? If you know they answer, hell, let us all know.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Legendary Weird Guitar Sound

If you have never seen an Ebow before, well, I'm sure you have heard one on millions of records. This is primarily a recording tool but I have used an Ebow in the live setting and found that it excites the crowd like nothing else. What is an Ebow, you ask? Very simply, this little device has an electromagnetic field generator inside of its little plastic body. When activated, this magnetic field actually vibrates your guitar strings for as long as you want. The end result is something that sounds like a bowed instrument.

Listen to any Smashing Pumpkins record (except for Gish) and you will definately hear this sound. If you are still curious, head on over to musicians friend and take a listen for yourself. The pricetag will set you back 80 dollars, but it is well worth it if you are looking for a killer way to explore new sounds. One downside, the device itself is made of plastic and can crack over time. Other than that, I truly recommend this device.

Unique Pre-Amp Pedal- Super Hard On!

Ever step on your distortion pedal and realize that you sounded more powerful (ironically) when you were playing through the clean channel? This can happen if using single coil pickup guitars (such as a fender strat). What this pedal does is give you more bang for your buck. I have to admit, I feel in love with the look of this pedal first off. But turning it on was even better. It provides a solid and no frills boost to your signal. As with any type of pedal, you should always check to see that it doesn't fuck up your overall sound. This pedal certainly doesn't- it is completely transparent. Very simple, very eligant, very nice. I have only had this pedal for a few weeks so I cannot attest to its' durability. However, if anything bad happens, I will let you know. Check it out here.

Looking for a Road Ready Pedal Board?

I have nothing but good things to say about this board. This mother fucker is built for the road. It is constructed out of durable aluminum alloy, one of the strongest and lightest metals in the world. Each frame weighs less than the same size piece of 3/4 plywood. There are no moving parts to loosen or wear out. With a durable powdercoat finish, this beast will last a lifetime, or until your band breaks up.

What you will immediately notice about the design of this rig is that it is a truly open design. This allows for the amazing weigh reduction. I find it is easier to grab when exiting a stage in dark conditions. Very solid item. If you have never purchased a floor case before, let me give you some advice, don;t waste your time buying a cheap piece of shit. Go for something durable as this type of item will truly take a serious beating, especially if you are touring.

Musicians Friend is selling this bad boy for $299.95 here.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

USB Guitar Now Shipping

Brian Moore has taken their excellent iGuitar line of digitally-equipped guitars, and added class-compliant USB, via the new iGuitar.USB model. Plug it into a USB jack, and you have instant access to your sound in recording and effects software, no drivers required. Fully bus-powered, so you don't even need a power brick. Unlike Gibson's so-called "digital guitar," what's great about the iGuitar.USB is that you can connect a single USB cable between your guitar and your computer for audio: no breakout boxes or multiple cabling required.

Oh, and before you start hollering that FireWire is a better option, it isn't, necessarily. USB can have extremely low-latency operation, and works without drivers. That latter point alone is worthwhile -- imagine having to carry a CD with drivers in your guitar case. No, thanks. Of course, while there's lots of feedback on the non-USB Brian Moore guitars, we still have to see how this performs in person; stay tuned.

Using Skype For Online Band Practice

Alright, check this one. I've found a way using skype to conduct an online band practice. what you do is plug the instrument into you mic jack on the computer (you'll need a converter for the plug, big to small or you can get a small to big if you have a speaker cord or something). Note: in my experience, electric instruments also need to go though an amp, using the headphone jack on the amp to go to the computer. acoustic seems not to, but i'm not sure. anyways, you do a conferance call between the band members (or you could just do a regular phone call for 1 on 1) and then jam. there doesn't seem to be any lag that i have noticed so far. the quality isn't terrific but its still ok. i personally see this as having a lot of potential, jamming with people you don't know, like chat room style, i don't know. just, potential. i suggest that you people start trying it out adn finding better ways to do it so the quality is better and hey, this is still only beta, it can only get better.!

How to Post Top Rated Stories for!

Here is a simple list of ways to find great material for

1) Search for Apple related gossip of any type and then post it regardless of whether the same story has already been posted.

2) Search for anything Robot Related. I mean anything. It will fly to the front page for sure.

3) Write a story entitled "Don't Click This!" It will recieve some decent diggs.

4) Find any type of NASA related photos and title the post "MOST INCREDIBLE PICTURE OF SPACE". This should surely pump you to the front page.

5) Any story with the phrase "100 Dollar Laptop" in it will go straight to the front page! Try it out. It works!

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